What Works: Week One


Headline: The boxing fight between YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul ended in a draw

In my opinion, this Business Insider article about the YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI’s amateur boxing match held last Saturday in Manchester, England was poorly focused. The match ended in a draw and both the YouTuber’s immediately called for a rematch, evoking excitement for some, and fury from legitimate fans of the sport.

Being Business Insider, I assumed that the article would have been about how the money was made and how it was a ruse of a match just to set up another in the future for a bigger money grab. The first four paragraphs of the article were focused on the monetary matter in the event. Then, after the second picture is shown it goes on to describe the fight, almost round by round.

I thought it was a bad angle for the article because Business Insider had an opportunity to expose the fight as a scam. However, it just described the fight, in poor detail. The description of the fight was that of an average sports fan who watched the fight in one of their friends basement over a few beers.

On top of the subpar description of the fight, there were only two quotes, both less than ten words, put right after each other at the end of the article. Then the last sentence of the article says we should start taking YouTube stars seriously because of the numbers they drew. This article should have said the exact opposite and focused on the fact that the results were set up from the beginning!

Aside from the pitfalls in the article’s content, the two pictures used were basically the same and added nothing to the story other than prove they were in fact boxing. The article should have used a picture from the near brawl that almost happened in the middle of the fight.

The article could have uniquely examined the viewing habits and infatuation that so many viewers have with drama between these two scripted viral video stars who’s only motivation to fight was money (for which I do not blame them). Instead, it gave a meager description of a scripted fight.