What Works: Week 3

“Naomi Osaka Lost Her Moment of Triumph. Let’s Not Forget Her Match.”

I chose to read this article because I wanted to know more about the match since I only saw the highlights involving Serena berating the umpire. I was happy reading the first part of the article about Osaka and her incredible victory and how she got there. After all, this is her first grand slam title and she should be the headline for annihilating arguably the greatest female athlete of all time. Instead, the response has been horrible. Serena stole the show on the court and in all the media response, despite being pummeled. In turn, she is also stealing the show in this write-up.

However, the first part of the article provided real analysis on Osaka. From breaking down how she overcame the adversity to win the grand slam, to her new coach and how he has helped her control her nerves. It was a much needed break from the Serena controversy, until the second half of the article.

The second half of the article was focused on Serena’s exploits this weekend, and two other outbursts she had in the past at the U.S. Open. Granted, it did occasionally mention that the point was that she stole Osaka’s moment, but when you are writing an article trying to change the narrative of the match, you should stick to it.

I did enjoy the breakdown of Serena’s past exploits, but that should not have been the point of the article.