What Works: Week 6

“Indonesia tsunami and earthquake: Rescuers race to aid victims as death toll passes 840”

Jo Shelley, Matt Rivers, and Joshua Berlinger all contributed to a story for CNN on the Indonesia tsunami and the massive destruction that has been left in it’s aftermath.

The article did a nice job illustrating the destruction, including some heartbreaking stories and quotes. However, with a story of destruction on this big of a scale, there needs to be visuals.

Under the headline, there was a short video detailing the destruction around the city. After a short introduction about the cities efforts for digging mass graves, there was an image of people standing on mounds of sand watching their loved ones being buried in body bags.

Following a slideshow of pictures that included people carrying dead bodies, looking for water and supplies for babies and children, there was a harrowing account from a woman named Mia where she and her daughters had to bolt out of the mall in the middle of the earthquake. Fun Fact in the middle of a sad story: many Indonesian people only go by one name.

Near the end of the story brought up the aid efforts and that many people were not able to access the roads where the rescue vehicles needed to go because of the destruction on the roads.

At the end, there was a story about an air traffic controller who stayed in the air tower until a plane was able to take off to safety while the earthquake began. He ended up jumping out of the tower before he believed it would collapse.

The journalists had good interviews and information that could inspire people to donate to relief efforts. The death toll is astounding currently more than 800 deaths and the fatalities are expected to grow in the coming days as the heavy machinery moves in to clear the rubble.

The story did a great job of incorporating visuals with the personal accounts and stories.