7th Annual Harvest Supper at Rowan Oak Will Use New Online Auction

The 7th Annual Harvest Supper fundraiser at Rowan Oak will be held this Thursday with guests and performers alike supporting the University of Mississippi Museum and Historic Houses.

Rowan Oak will be hosting around 550 guests that bought tickets before they became available for public purchase. 

“This time for the first year we actually sold out our tickets to sponsors so we don’t have have left to sell. So most of our money this year is coming from sponsors,” said Kate Wallace, Museum Membership, Events, & Communication Coordinator.

However, the money doesn’t stop coming in after the ticket purchases. Friends of the Museum is hoping for another $40-$50,000 to be raised during the online silent auction this year.

“This year instead of a live auction we are doing an online and silent auction, and it is the first year we’ve done that. It will be with all local and regional artists,” Wallace said.

Hosted by the volunteer organization, Friends of the Museum, the event has always been proud to keep the lineage of performers, artists, and chefs local during the annual event.

“We tell Friends (Friends of the Museum) what we need funding for and they’re able to use the money to support projects, activities, and our jobs in general,” Wallace said.

Rowan Oak and the Bailey’s Woods Trail have been one of the main attractions in Oxford for decades, and the Harvest Supper fundraiser is the main supporter of the Universities museum sites.

“The historic houses are all apart of the museum complex, so once we pay off the event and everything, the money will come back to the museum,” Wallace said.

The UM Museum has been named on several blogs and publications as one of the premier University museums throughout the entire country. Associated with the museum and the venue for the event is the famed home of William Faulkner, named Rowan Oak, which was acquired by the University from Faulkner’s daughter in 1972.

“Harvest Supper was started with the idea that we celebrate the artists,” Wallace said.

A few of the artists celebrating Oxford’s history and auctioning off their pieces include Jonathan Kent Adams, who graduated from Ole Miss in 2014 and currently works and lives in Oxford, Ashleigh Coleman, whose “work explores the complexities of family life, her relationship to the landscape, and what it means to be southern,” according to her website, and John Haltom, who was the youngest member to be admitted to the Mississippi Craftsman’s Guild.

The music performers during this years event will be The University of Mississippi Steel Drum Band and Young Valley, who describes themselves on their website as a band that “offers points of view from songwriters Zach Lovett, Dylan Lovett, and Spencer Thomas with a trading of styles from traditional country to southern-tinged rock ‘n roll.” The food will be provided by A&N Catering and Elizabeth Heiskell who also catered the 2017 Harvest Supper event.

The grounds to Rowan Oak will be open to the night’s guests at 6:30 and begin a night of celebration of the storied past artists in Oxford’s history, along with the current thriving art scene.