What Works: Week 8

M.I.T. Plans College for Articial Intelligence, Backed by $1 Billion

The article, for the New York Times, by Steve Lohr, is about the new college to be added at M.I.T. next year to embrace the ever growing world of artificial intelligence. By 2022, the school has plans  to move into it’s own buildings that will don the name of Stephen A. Schwarzman, the principal donator.

The new college will create dozens of new faculty positions that will be focusing on students that the president of M.I.T., L. Rafael Reif, refers to as “bilinguals”.

By bilinguals, Reif defines them “as people in fields like biology, chemistry, politics, history and linguistics who are also skilled in the techniques of modern computing that can be applied to them.” The two avenues of discipline that will be participating in the new college also means that the staff will come from separate schools within M.I.T. and will be changing ways of promotion throughout higher education.

The article did a good job of illustrating the creation of the college and the beginning of its inception, that began from conversations with Schwarzman and Reif.

Schwarzman recognized years ago that artificial intelligence was going to be one of the chief focuses of the technologies that would be further advancing the future. M.I.T. was fully focused on getting ahead of the curve and being proactive about harnessing A.I. technology and getting their students to be on the forefront of innovation.