What Works: Week 9

Turkey’s President Vows to Detail Khashoggi Death ‘in Full Nakedness’

The New York Times article published this morning and written by David Kirkpatrick was a good in-depth look at the biggest news story of the past few weeks. Now that the truth is out, that Khashoggi was killed while under the jurisdiction of the Saudi’s, Turkey’s President, Erdogan, has claimed that he will be releasing details about the event if the Saudi’s do not quickly release the full truth themselves.

The political backdrop of Turkey and Saudi Arabia has several layers, as all political issues do, that is causing this to be a bigger murder than it would be in another country. Kirkpatrick stated in the article, Khashoggi is not a  Turkish citizen, so by nature it is not a Turkish problem, however, Erdogan was personal friends with Khashoggi.

Kirkpatrick did a good job of illustrating what has happened thus far, with the Saudi government contradicting each previous story they gave every time they come out with new information. As well as detailing the events that have occurred this far, Kirkpatrick laid out the reasons for the Saudi’s and the Turkish government’s issues with each other.

Apparently, Erdogan and his government believe that it was the United Arab Emirates that attempted to enact a coup against President Erdogan in 2016. The climate is fierce in the region right now, and Kirkpatrick brought up the point that it is the biggest single event in the area since the Arab Spring revolutions.

Khashoggi’s murder story could be potentially blown off the roof on Tuesday  where Erdogan plans to unveil all the details. However, Kirkpatrick noted that there could be numerous ways this could be worked out under the table and potentially aid both sides in the end.