What Works: Week 11

The end of the article offered the most important part about his election chances, and that is that when he is in Washington D.C. he will have to be partisan towards his party. As moderate as he may be in Mississippi, he will still have to vote Democrat on policy issues. That is where the Mississippi voters will take issue with his election.

As his message says, it’s time to change the narrative and stop the defamation on the outlook of the state. He may be right that his election will not be held back by racist voters but by his party, that being said, acknowledging the other side in a new light will not win him the election on his own. His heart seems to be in the right place, and Nicholas Fandos did a good job as portraying him as a good career politician through his writing, but he still will have a tough time cutting through the tradition of voting in Mississippi. There are a myriad of issues those running for office can focus on about Mississippi, and his key points may be the ones that appeal to the moderate voters who would normally go right in this state.