Final Project Pitch

The debate on guns in America has always been heated and controversial, but the past few years and school shootings have divided the country on the language of the second amendment. Although this is a two-sided debate, people are for and against the second amendment in several places. Even some gun owners want there to be increased gun control, and there is a multitude of people that want guns abolished all together. The issue with this debate, and every other topic of discussion in America right now, is that neither sides will listen to each other and their points of view. Most people only listen to what they want to hear, and degrade the opposing viewpoints by any means possible. It is not a healthy way to solve a problem, and this problem is not going away any time soon.

When Hillary Clinton was thought to be elected, many gun owners went out and bought ammo in mass proportions in fear of their rights being infringed upon. It is a fear on both sides of this debate that drives it, and the fears are completely understandable when explained rationally from either side.
A couple of weeks ago, three cops were shot and killed in one weekend in Mississippi, although it is unclear whether the guns were legally obtained or not. The answer to the debate is unclear, but until those debating listen to each other, a compromise will not be met with open hands.
Possible Sources:
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